Hammock Safety

To maximise the enjoyment you will get from your Two Trees hammock please consider the following safety instructions:

  • Do not exceed the maximum weight capacity for your hammock. Your Two Trees hammock will state the maximum load for each type on the front face of the packaging.
  • Avoid climbing into the hammock feet first as this could cause you to fall out and injure yourself.
  • Do not dive into or jump about in the hammock.
  • Do not stick your head through the end strings of your hammock.
  • If your hammock has a wooden rod ensure that you do not pull yourself up by the rod.
  • Keep the end strings of your hammock as straight as possible and avoid twisting them to ensure safe installation of your hammock.
  • Should your hammock be damaged or your hanging accessories weakened please do not use your hammock.
  • Hammocks are not designed for swinging.
  • Children should always be supervised while in or near a hammock.
  • While Two Trees hammocks are designed to the highest quality over the years hammock fabrics and accessories will become worn. Always check the loading capacity before use and consider replacing worn components of your hammock to ensure maximum safety.
  • When installing a hammock always check with a qualified builder if you are unsure of safety or stability of your hammock.
  • For hammocks with frames ensure not to stand on any part of the frame to ensure its safety and stability.