hammock safety

To maximise the enjoyment you will get from your Two Trees hammock, please consider the following safety instructions:

  1. Assembly must be carried out by an Adult.
  2. Ensure hammock is fully assembled before use.
  3. DO NOT exceed the maximum load of weight.
  4. NO NOT climb into hammock feet first.
  5. DO NOT stand in hammock.
  6. DO NOT dive into or jump about in hammock.
  7. DO NOT stick your head through the suspension cords.
  8. Keep suspension cords as straight as possible, DO NOT twist.
  9. Inspect frame feet and ensure they are stable before use.
  10. DO NOT use damaged or weakened hammock hanging accessories.
  11. Hammock fabrics and accessories will wear over time and use. Always check the loading capacity and condition of parts before use.
  12. Hammocks are not designed for swinging, playing, climbing or to be used as a children’s toy.
  13. DO NOT leave children or pets unattended in or near hammock.
  14. Hammock fabric, suspension cords and hanging accessories will become worn over time and use. Always inspect prior to use and DO NOT use if items show signs of damage or weakness.
  15. Always check the loading capacity before use.
  16. Keep hammock clear of obstructions.
  17. Allow a minimum of 50cm clearance range around the perimeter of your hammock when in use.
  18. Only use the hammock on level floors with shock-absorbing properties such as carpet or outdoor grass to minimise the risk of injury in case of an accident. DO NOT use on slippery or hard surfaces.
  19. Never use a free standing brick wall to hang your hammock.
  20. Only use Two Trees accessories for hanging your hammock.
  21. DO NOT modify hammock. Hammock must be used in accordance of this manual.
  22. DO NOT smoke in or around the hammock. Keep away from heat or flames.
  23. DO NOT use whilst wearing shoes, clothing, jewellery or accessories that have a hook and loop fastener.
  24. DO NOT use near sharp objects.
  25. A copy of this manual must be provided should the hammock transfer ownership.
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