storage & maintenance

looking after your hammock

Two Trees hammocks are built to the highest quality and to prolong the life of your hammock simply follow some of the maintenance and storage instructions below.


To prolong the the life of your hammock and frame it is best to store away when not in use, as the sun and rain will deteriorate the construction over time. If using near the sea it is important to rinse your hammock regularly.

Prior to washing your hammock, tie a loose single knot in the suspension cords at both hanger ends. Machine wash with cold water on a regular cycle using non-bleach detergent. DO NOT tumble dry. DO NOT iron. Dry in shade.


When storing your Two Trees hammock make sure the hammock is clean and completely dry.

To prevent tangles place a knot in each suspension cord. Fold the hammock in half, with suspension cords together. Then fold the edges of the hammock to the centre, and roll the hammock up starting with the suspension cords. Store in a dry place.

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