Storage & Hammocks

looking after your hammock

Two Trees hammocks are build to the highest quality and to prolong the life of your hammock simply follow some of the maintenance and storage instructions below.


To prolong the life of your Two Trees hammock it is best to bring the hammock inside when not being used, as the sun and rain will deteriorate the fabric over time. Alternatively you could consider purchasing a hammock protector if you want to leave your hammock setup permanently. If you are using your hammock near the sea it is important to rinse regularly (see below).


When storing your Two Trees hammock make sure the hammock is clean and dry.

To prevent tangles, place a knot in each end string. Fold the hammock in half, with end strings together. Then fold the edges of the hammock to the centre, and roll the hammock up starting with the end strings. Store in a dry place.





Prior to washing your hammock, tie a loose single knot in the end strings at both ends. This ensures strings don’t get tangled. Cold water machine wash with regular cycle and non-bleach detergent. Remove the hammock immediately after the spin cycle and hang to dry, Do not tumble dry.

For rod hammocks, hand wash the hammock in cold water with non-bleach detergent. Rinse and hang to dry.